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Disability Income Coverage

Comprehensive Income Recovery

Most people, when they become disabled, want more than anything else to resume a productive life. Fortunately, a large majority of them will especially if they receive the financial and personal support they need to make the sometimes difficult transition.

Comprehensive Income Recovery provides that support. It is the first and only individual protection to support you throughout a disability as well as throughout your recovery.

State-of-the-art packages of coverage.

Comprehensive Income Recovery offers you a full array of benefits to cover every stage of your disability.

  • Traditional income replacement while you're unable to work
  • Higher standard benefits for certain catastrophic disabilities. Rehabilitation benefits to help you regain your ability to work
  • Continuing, proportional income replacement as you move back into the workplace-whether in your original occupation or in a field suited to your abilities after you recover. Occupation-specific versions of Comprehensive Income Recovery are also available
  • Non-cancelable rates cannot be raised and provisions cannot be changed as long as premiums are paid on time
  • Benefits of individual disability policies are not taxable when premiums are paid by the individual

Highly experienced rehabilitation experts help you recover.

Income Recovery does more than protect your most important asset - your ability to earn an income. It actively helps restore it. If you are disabled and a good candidate for rehabilitation (and most people are), you can take advantage of the personal attention of trained disability case management specialists. Their goal: help you return to a productive life of your choosing and making.

Sensible coverage at a sensible price.

Comprehensive Income Recovery's unique design and focused approach to recovery give you important disability coverage at a very affordable price - as little as 1-3% of your annual income, depending on your age and health. A wide range of options allow you to customize the coverage further to your individual needs.

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